Fortune Favours




Filtering is used to clarify beer by removing yeast and protein. It makes beer look lovely and bright but its downside is taking out some of the desired flavours. For The Naturalist we use a combination of beer finings and an extended cold conditioning time to clarify the beer while preserving all that flavourful character.

The Naturalist perfectly balances and lends itself to multiple pints.  Expect citrus flavours from generous hopping which gives orange marmalade, sherbet and a little white pepper spiciness to boot!



The difference between a fresh and aged hoppy beer can be startling. Aging deteriorates hop compounds and while the beer may still be nice they are usually a shadow of their former selves. We carefully manage the cold storage and distribution of The Risktaker in order to ensure you get this beer  fresh and the way we want you to taste it, fantastic!  Each batch is given a shelf life of just 3 months so you can feel assured you are drinking it at its best.  A solid malt base evens up The Risktaker's robust bitterness.  Large doses of Nelson Sauvin and Moutere hops give it an unmistakable aroma and flavour.  A wonderfully aromatic beer which also packs big resinous  flavours.                                                                                  



At the gateway to Leeds St lies Fortune Favours brewery and bar. Within its walls dwells the Gatekeeper; a dark, malty beer enhanced with additions of locally sourced coffee and chocolate. Despite its ability to keep you awake at night it is a genuinely approachable porter, full of flavour without being too heavy. Some would say it is the perfect solution when you really feel like a beer, but are also suffering from caffeine withdrawal!

Coffee and cocoa nibs provide an extra boost to the classic porter flavours, nothing over the top but definitely noticeable. A healthy dose of Taiheke hops adds further complexity and provides balance.


The Oregonian

All American Amber 5.9% Our tribute to the pioneering craft brewers in the Pacific North West, The Oregonian is an All-American Amber. Pine and citrus aromas and flavours meld with the malt base to deliver a tasty, balanced and highly drinkable beer.



The Adventurer

For those seeking a refreshing pilsner, something more than mainstream but without getting too carried away. Perfect for a hot day on the deck. The Green Bullet hop has long been associated with one of the big boys iconic beers, this has meant it has been, mostly overlooked by craft brewers. Fortune Favours is hijacking the Green Bullet and giving you a fresh look at this hop and the greatness it holds.




Designed to be light and aromatic with a minimal malt base packed with NZ hops. Wai’iti (low alpha hop - more hop and less bitterness). NZ grown Chinook hops (Punchy flavoursome hop)





The Pacer

The Pacer is super sessionable. The addition of Rye and a liberal dose of hops makes this little beer big!








Made from crushed Pink Lady and
Braeburn Apples this is a medium dry cider.







Made from crushed Pink Lady and
Braeburn Apples with added blueberries.